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Hydro-farm to table! 

A serving of hydroponically farmed produce! A salad kit includes: 

• 2 heads of lettuce - mixes of romaine, crisphead, & butterhead!

• 1/2 lb. of greens - mixes of kale, mustard, spinach, collards, & arugula! 

• Fresh tomato and cucumber


This kit is perfect for salads throughout the week, or comfortably serving 4 at your next family dinner!

Weekly Salad Kit

Price Options
Weekly Salad Kit
$59.96every month for 8 months
  • Your produce box is yours for the season. Please bring back or have ready the produce box from the previous delivery and we will swap it with a fresh box. If the box is lost, you will be charged with a $10 replacement fee.

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