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Welcome to TGW Agriculture! We're so glad you're here! Click below to start your produce order, or keep scrolling for all things produce!

Our Story

From the creation of our first organic garden (over 15 years ago!), a fire for clean food and healthy living sparked our curiosity for more effective and efficient ways to bring farm-fresh vegetables to many family dinner tables in the Macon-Bibb area. Fast forward from our first organic farm in 2007 to 2022 - TGW Agriculture has since migrated towards modern growing techniques like hydroponic farming. From this experience we have made it our goal to educate and encourage the community on the benefits of healthy living by offering products, raising greenhouses, and pouring into the community. The fruits of our labor have touched not only our family but other families in the Macon-Bibb area, a mission that has existed for TGW since 2007. Currently, TGW Agriculture is partnered with Chef Stuart Hardy's Culinary Pathway at Hutchings Career Center in Macon, GA. This partnership has allowed TGW to work in unison with local educational leaders who work to fulfill the same mission of accessible, quality nutrition.  ​ In an effort to better serve our customers and community, we have created this platform as a hub for all things TGW Agriculture - ordering, dialog, and all the latest and greatest news! ​ ​ ​ ​

- Gary & Jenn


Get to Know Us

As a graduate of Auburn University with a BA in Zoology and a Master's of Public Heath from Emory University, Jenn was led to the education field as the FIRST elementary school agriculture teacher in the Bibb County School District - housed at Heard Elementary, Jenn finds joy in educating Bibb County's future leaders on the importance and excitement and necessity of agriculture. 

Like Jenn, Gary also attended Auburn University, obtaining a BA in Ornamental Horticulture and Design. After graduation, Gary dedicated his time and efforts into his first business TGW Garden Design, a business that has flourished for nearly 25 years and has recently refocused its efforts to become a more agricultural, home-grown business.  

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